Nutanix Cluster Shutdown and Start-Up

Hi all –

In this post, we are going to see about the steps involved in shutdown and start-up of Nutanix Cluster.

In general, we will not be in a scenario very often to bring down Nutanix Cluster. Most of the time for host \ node level maintenance activity, we can take one (or) two host at a time based on Resiliency Factor (RF) set.

However, some DC Infra & Network layer activities may disturb network availability and power state of all the nodes \ hosts part of Nutanix Cluster. During those scenarios, we need to shutdown the Nutanix Cluster prior to maintenance and bring up once completed with it.

Steps to shutdown the Nutanix Cluster:

  1. Ensure that the “Data resiliency” status of the target cluster is normal and there is no active critical alerts present.
  2. Shut down the User VMs present in Nutanix provided Datastore.
  3. Log in to any one of the CVM through SSH.
  4. Run the command “cluster stop” to bring down the Nutanix Cluster.
  5. Ensure all the services came down except Zeus and Scavenger in all the CVMs post executing above command. You can check the same by running the command “cluster status“.
  6. Once the Cluster came down, Nutanix provided datastores mounted on ESXi host will go inaccessible.
  7. Now you can bring down all the CVMs associated to that cluster from vSphere client (or) webclient gracefully [Using Shutdown guest option].
  8. All the VMs and Nutanix Cluster brought down properly. Now you can place the ESXi hosts in maintenance mode.

Steps to Start-up the Nutanix Cluster:

  1. Exit the ESXi hosts from maintenance mode.
  2. Power-ON the CVMs, wait for some time to complete boot-up.
  3. Once all the CVMs brought up, log in to any one of them via SSH.
  4. Run the command “cluster start” to bring up the Nutanix Cluster.
  5. Post executing the above command, ensure all the services came up by running the command “cluster status“.
  6. With in few minutes, PRISM portal will come accessible. You can see that the “Data resiliency” status reporting back as Normal.
  7. All the Nutanix provided datastores will come back accessible to ESXi hosts, now you can power-on the required User VMs.

Intended Audience – Administrators of Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform with vSphere ESXi.

Thanks for reading the post and do share your views 🙂

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